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Tinder bag newbie Kit for standard ‘Flint & metallic’ Fire Steels (85-4120)

Tinder bag newbie Kit for standard 'Flint & metallic' Fire Steels (85-4120)

Tinder Pocket Newbie Kit

Perfect musical accompaniment for the Flint & metal flame athlete.

You need to make the illusion flame metallic into the full traditional flames illumination equipment adding one of our Tinder bag newbie kit your order? This beginning system contains all that you will must start starting fireplaces how our forefathers do close to 2,000 many years. This easy Tinder Pouch basic Kit have anything that you will require flip your own Fire Steel into a typical Tinder Pouch. It arrives with a straightforward, organic hessian, ‘Beaver Bushcraft’ drawstring pocket, a few bits of Norfolk Flint, an example of natural Amadou Tinder, and many Char fabric confined in a small plastic purse for cover (temp swapped for Amadou Down).

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